Our partners are innovative companies and known for high-quality delivery in their respective fields.




R&P's partnership approach is defined through a common desire to bring enhanced value to our clients. As the management of your ICT environment brings about a variations of needs, simply selecting a few partners upfront does not address the issue at all. We define our partnership program in two dimensions:

  • Value-adding partnerships: We are proud to partner with companies that are addressing existing needs in today's ICT landscape, such as enterprise resource systems and implementation, complex network implementation and support, Desktop and break/fix services, to name a few.
  • Value-creating partnerships: We are constantly on the lookout and are talking to new players in the market opening up potentially new business avenues for our clients (e.g. business intelligence for SME's, trusted communication for bi-directional business exchange, etc.). We are going in-deep with these innovators and analyze the current situation of our clients. If we come to the mutual understanding with our clients that it creates a business opportunity, we accompany them on the new path.

We are happy to receive your questions on our partnership model.