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Employing IT as a business enabler here in APAC requires substantial financial and manpower commitment. Furthermore, Asian intricacies need to be known in order to be successful here. We provide an extensive set of experiences of what works and what not.

If you would like to make sure that your IT department locally or in the region is professionally run, our team of regionally experienced Consultants and Managers will be able to help you.

Case Study: Bauer Far East

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In 2014 Gartner predicted that Information Technology Departments are undergoing a substantial shift in the way they work as well as the organizational setup. Separating IT into Ninja's and Samurai (or assassins and snails as others coined them), the underlying idea is simple: On one hand IT is rapidly commoditizing (computers, networks, software) and digital disruption forces the hand on the other (Uber, AirBnB, Netflix). Setting the necessary discussion aside that has followed that particular idea, the underlying principle has yielded important understandings for what constitutes  the digital map and what to do.

The digital map is three-fold. In order to avoid the recurring confusion of the respective areas, we look at Improving the Customer Experience (CX), Creating entirely different Business Models (Disruption), and Improving Corporate Performance by harnessing digital power to improve/digitize Business Processes and Operational Efficieny:

The following analysis may help you in understanding what your organization requires and what you need to do. 


Your peers talk constantly about 'digitization' or 'digitalization'. Your manager in charge of strategy tells you to better act now as the 'start-ups' will disrupt your business model. However, at the same time cost and yield pressure cry for attention, too...

Where to start and what is really required in terms of action?



Common Sense. As always. But, development in the area of 'new business models', 'disruptions', and 'platforms and smart services' are accelerating. Standing still and analysing thoroughly might not be enough and too slow.

Firstly, you need to understand your situation and the context of your organization: Are you producing retail goods, that your clients consume directly (B2C) or you have a company that helps you sell those products one way or the other (B2B2C)? In that case exploring new approaches and channels may shorten the distance and communication between you and the customer. In this case, improved customer experience (CX) may be the way to go.

Secondly, you may be in an industry or business segment that has been identified as being a target to digital disruption and the first platform players in your segment are emerging. You need to act fast!

Lastly, your existing business processes feel dysfunctional and slow. Companies around you analyse their business processes, start harnessing digital capabilities and power and start talking about becoming 'agile'. To at least not lose market share in your respective segment, or better, gain an upper hand in the respective process (e.g. create distinction from your competitors), you better act now.

In any case a fundamental paradigm shift in almost all companies is required: From Projects to Agile, from Budget to Fail Fast, from Business Unit to Multidisciplinary Team.

R&P is committed to Digitization and has helped clients embarking on an efficient track towards the new normal. We offer workshops to harness ideas already existing in the minds of your employees. We support headquarters in their digitization strategy, while at the same time help regional and local entities to create digital solutions addressing the unique markets. And finally, we offer concrete help in form of reengineered and re-purposed business processes made digital by means of app development and product owner support and/or staffing.



Working with R&P will provide you with a sparring partner understanding the pressure on traditional business models, while extending a common sense approach to what's applicable to your organization and what's not. Agile, multidisciplinary teams and failing fast will no longer be abstract concepts but living things within your organization.


As much IT helps modern organizations to improve internal processes and external business, it creates an overwhelming flood of data at the same time. But just dumping this data and never using it again isn’t a smart move because it’s rich of information, which can take your business to the next level. The right use of this data can help making better decisions, more precise and realistic planning and makes you understand your customers better.

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In cooperation with Longview – a Canadian/German BI Software provider – we specialized on implementing BI software the way it will benefit your business most. We will adapt any BI solution smoothly to your processes and workflows helping you to use it seamlessly in your daily business. The final product is a customized, fully automated business intelligence tool, analysing your internal data and improving your decisions, workflow and reporting.

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Educational institutions can face several challenges when optimizing their business operations. A lack of retained institutional knowledge about business processes typically causes organizational inefficiencies, unmanaged data handover, and miscommunication with stakeholders (such as parents and guardians). In many cases, policies related to data governance and SIS (School Information Systems) are non-existent or require updates to be effective.

Several factors must be taken into consideration for a K-12 school to be successful, particularly the environment in which business excellence is not driven by the same indicators as in traditional companies. This does not mean that educational institutions do not require a clear set of data governance standards though; in fact Reppel & Partners has found that by assessing 3 specific areas an educational institution can significantly improve its data governance policies and reduce inefficiencies.

Having worked with schools, including the world’s largest single-campus international school, R&P has gained extensive knowledge about what works best and what does not when dealing with the following concepts:

  • IT Systems Procurement Framework
  • Business Process documentation and improvement
  • IT Strategy, Roadmap and Data Governance

Generic ideas and an excerpt of our best practises guide can be found here.


Bimodal IT is a new concept – introduced by Gartner – that aims to help CIOs understand a combination of traditional and agile IT solutions are crucial for future business success. Companies with only a traditional IT infrastructure will soon find it difficult to compete in a market that is rapidly innovating and reaching customers faster. The same principle applies vice versa. How can a big company become agile? Gartner has no clear answer to this question, but the team at Reppel and Partners has studied and analyzed trends in Bimodal IT methodologies which allows us to identify how these concepts can be applied to IT departments. An understanding of this model, coupled with our industry experience, allows us to support your Bimodal IT goals.

Below we have provided a hypothetical case study to help you better understand how Bimodal IT can be applied to your business.

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Mapping Business Processes on an existing ICT landscape is critical in business. It is key to adapt a process to what is potentially beneficial with the use of IT. What can win a deal is the seamless workflow interplay between business and IT! Harnessing the power of collaboration and communication in the rules-based world of business processes is a winning formula.


The business world aligns itself in business processes. A constant drive for improvement and automation is key in an ever changing environment. Your company has a business process map and may even employ process modelling tools. Still in corners of the business, such as subsidiaries and legal entities, even supporting processes on the fringe in HQ are not sufficiently documented or mapped out.


R&P carries years of expertise in manufacturing industries (discreet and process-based) as well as most other industries' back-end supporting function's processes (Finance, Human Resources, IT, QHSE). Modelling these with the help of our consultant can add value to the clients' process map. Furthermore, R&P can assist in implementing such processes in collaborative environments based on simple workflows or on powerful workflow engines.


Modelling processes at the core or far removed from the value chain saves actual money after they are documented and may be automated by using existing or new tools, reaping further benefits. We are proud to being able to discussing various success stories in this field with you in a discussion with no commitment from your side.

Commoditization is moving ahead in IT as it does in almost any industry after a given time. Was the possession of server and network hardware a sign of strength and the source of perceived security ("I control the hardware and the access to it"), so is it today a hindrance. Rapid changes in business and business sentiment require a highly agile environment in which cost can be effectively controlled as can be security. Achieving readiness to harness the most agile infrastructure play means being cloud-ready.


Your server and/or network landscape is nearing its useful lifespan. Instead of re-investing into the same setup you believe that climbing the next level of infrastructure agility is the way to the cloud. Still, some of the hardware is still well within an investment cycle. Hardware vendors lining your doorstep and promising radical cost benefits....


If you are a small and medium size corporation, the solution is out there. You can jump straight into application provision out of the cloud (Software-as-a-service, SaaS) or select the various Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions available in the market. If your security requirements are elevated you may use a virtual cloud-based private network. And if you are a larger entity or MNC, various Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers are available at your disposal. And none of you is limited to these silos. You may mix and match to your heart's content.


Using cloud technology discreetly and addressing the correct challenges can save you a substantial amount of money while at the same time enabling future agility in your organization. Furthermore, by adopting such technologies you may elevate your organization to the next level of mobility and digitization allowing you to ride the wave of the current technology revolution.

Sometimes, business and IT act in a disconnected fashion. A valuable first step to bring them closer is by embarking on a combined Business and Information and Communication Technology strategy. Business is the chief engineer with ICT providing the civil engineering.


Your company is a user of IT as enabler/platform for its business processes as well as exchanging data with external parties. You have a clear vision of the future and the Corporate Strategy is plainly spelled out. However, your IT Management might be rather operational and project driven. Your business managers are unclear about the value contribution of your IT Environment. A clear roadmap was not put forward yet and you do not know if the IT foundation is sufficient to fulfill all business requirements for the coming years.


An IT Strategy development/review service will be highly beneficial. Before work starts, we will provide a complete statement of work (SOW) and a comprehensive project plan. The actual advisory starts with a review of your ICT operations and an assessment of the current state. After having discussed and understood your business goals over a 3 year horizon the next step is a fit/gap analysis of your ICT's capabilities. Once the delta is identified, a platform and architecture design will be created capable of delivering everything that is needed within the given time frame. Simultaneously, all requirements are turned into a budget on an annual basis and checked against the business objectives and industry-wide accepted benchmarks. Once all issues are solved and addressed, an action plan is created and the individual projects/tasks can begin.


With the before mentioned approach you will derive further benefits from

  • receiving a comprehensive ICT strategy in line with your business strategy, vision and mission
  • creating an annualized budget for the years to come in order to help maintain controlled spending of company resources
  • ensuring the envisaged agility by deploying a structured ICT environment (adaptive ICT) within your organization
  • gaining a better understanding of your ICT budget and budgeting process, helping to control costs for ICT while still maintaining the competitive ground

Corporate Compliance is an important factor of today's business success. An independent Audit on ICT compliance will open many eyes. Large organizations struggle with the compliance of their legal entities whereas small companies are overwhelmed by 'best practices'. What to do?


You face one of the following challenges:

  • Your CIO Office has issued a number of policies, but is unclear if the policies are actually adhered to in subsidiaries or legal entities
  • You have immediate concerns, such as security, licensing, infrastructure, and others
  • You want to establish a forward-looking environment, such as becoming cloud-computing-ready
  • Your ICT expenditure seems high
  • You want to understand how your ICT landscape can be improved and better aligned with your business


A standard framework for topics such as a security audit or a licenses audit can be tailored to a company's individual need and serves as a great starting point to get better visibility on the actual status. One of our experienced consultants can furthermore take the corporate guideline and policy framework and work with the client on the actual auditing scope. A Fit/Gap analysis will render quick attention points for your action. The result of the audit will be provided as a report with an appendix outlining suggested and recommended actions from a strictly vendor-neutral standpoint.

  • Input review
  • Assessment of the current state (specific or holistic) and correlation between business and ICT culture
  • Fit/Gap Analysis
  • IT Governance Review and Competency-of-use review
  • Report compilation and presentation
  • Optional: Action Plan


Creating a current snapshot provides you with a baseline to plan all actions henceforth. Either an action plan can be agreed with the local/subsidiary IT department or an audit report issued to the CIO office. In both cases visibility on the actual status is markedly improved and further action can be planned more accurately, leading to

  • A fully compliant ICT landscape in the subsidiary or legal entity
  • An ICT platform from which future projects and improvements can be planned
  • A better understanding of the value contribution of ICT to your business success
  • Improved Security and licensing compliance
  • A necessary first step to a cost-effective and modern ICT Strategy

Furthermore, the ICT Audit will not only look into compliance with policies and regulations, internal as well as external. Hidden factors, such as business culture, expenditure history, business technology alignment, etc, play an important role and will be reviewed during our consultation.

Projects are a major part to the value contribution of any company's IT. Professional Project Management is a single key success factor and with the scarcity of in-house resources, a seasoned Project Manager from R&P can make the difference.


Projects are a substantial part of the work for any IT department these days. However, daily business is driven by operational challenges and the IT staff is usually occupied with keeping the lights on and, at best, supporting the innovation in-house. Whenever a new initiative requires a project approach you experience the difficulty of finding a Project Manager:

  • The ideally suited staff is occupied with other critical work
  • The person who has time to manage the project is not sufficiently trained or lacks the skills to manage a complex project
  • You simply have no one who can manage the project at this crucial moment


R&P is not only able to augment your staff for the period of your project duration but is also able to open up the horizon of your project team. Being used to looking beyond the project scope and bringing value-add to your learning operation, R&P is adding the experience of managing large scale projects. Our PMP-certified PMs employ industry-standard tools and bring in the experience of how important Change and Change Management is in any project.


Besides employing a professional Project Manager for a limited period of time your benefits include

  • providing the big picture to your team during and after the project
  • maintaining utmost quality while on the way to the goal
  • freeing up your staff to handle operationally important tasks in-house while not having to worry for the project success
  • training up your staff during the project itself and carrying over experience and expertise

Finding the right partner is never easy. In ICT where the high speed of innovation is the driving force it is even more so. Asking for the fitting solution and finding a vendor who can reliably perform has not gotten any easier. Receiving guidance through a complex and time-consuming process can save actual money.


You plan an initiative, such an ERP implementation, renewal of you WAN contracts, purchase Cloud Computing Services, etc. Or you want to outsource your data center operations, application service and/or call center, plan to upgrade/renew your WAN and are looking for a suitable service provider, or intend to out-task or even outsource a whole business process.


Our experience in project-based development of a Request for Proposal (RFP) will help you not only selecting the best suited vendor for the task at hand but also provide you with valuable feedback on the readiness of your own organization. R&P manages the technical details, but contributes by discussing the alignment of the set criteria with your business strategy. It is important to have the technical criteria fulfilled but also even more so to assure strategic fit between you and the supplier.

An outline of our approach:

  • Kick-Off Workshop
  • Goal setting
  • Key Success Factors
  • Strategic alignment
  • Document and Data Review
  • Application of existing templates or developing new ones
  • Draft review
  • Final Draft


By adopting the above approach, you

  • receive a feedback on your readiness for the initiative
  • get an RFP document that contains your needs and fits your strategy
  • increase dramatically the likelihood of finding the right vendor
  • get cost transparency and a reliable timeline
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