CIO Services

CIO Services and Outsourced IT Management- our core service, enabling you to concentrate on your business while having your IT and Communication needs professionally taken care of!

Employing IT as a business enabler here in APAC requires substantial financial and manpower commitment. Furthermore, Asian intricacies need to be known in order to be successful here. We provide an extensive set of experiences of what works and what not.

If you would like to make sure that your IT department locally or in the region is professionally run, our team of regionally experienced Consultants and Managers will be able to help you.

Case Study: Bauer Far East


Your company is

  • operating within the Asia Pacific region
  • experiencing a shortage/is missing a local/regional organization managing IT deployment, standards or governance
  • seeing uneven levels of maturity and cost effectiveness within the local entities across the region, not reaping possible synergies lying herein


Are you interested in optimizing your IT spending while supporting your regional business optimally? Do you believe that keeping your IT landscape on par with newest enabling technologies such as cloud computing and service oriented architecture can contribute to the financial success of your operation (e.g. reducing travel, making timelier decisions, saving communication cost, allowing team collaboration, improving sales, etc.)?



R&P carries the required experience and expertise and provides this to you on a retaining basis. Starting with a complete assessment of your situation, defining a clear baseline, making recommendations on necessary immediate actions, building required business cases where needed and proposing a framework within which policy execution becomes easy and measurable is next. Together with a standards setting exercise and facilitating effective communication between all stakeholders based on modern ICT Governance is rounding up the initial service.


After that, frequent meetings and periodic updates about improvement possibilities and industry best-practises is part of the assignment as are monthly status reports.


The CIO Service comprises of a basic package plus add-on services, tailored to your company's individual needs. The standard package includes:


  • Familiarization & Internalization
  • Baseline creation, i.e IT Audit
  • ICT Governance Concept
  • Retaining IT Management or CIO function


Starting with an initial 12-months agreement, this service is extensible annually.



A better return on your IT investment can be seen almost immediately. Successively the following benefits can be enjoyed:


  • Reduction of consumption of your company's resources (finance and personnel)
  • Improved support for your core competence through effective IT use
  • Improving Corporate Governance
  • Adaptive sourcing through employing a one-stop service provider for all conceptual and operational needs in your ICT
  • Peace of mind throughout contracting period