ICT Audit

Corporate Compliance is an important factor of today's business success. An independent Audit on ICT compliance will open many eyes. Large organizations struggle with the compliance of their legal entities whereas small companies are overwhelmed by 'best practices'. What to do?


You face one of the following challenges:

  • Your CIO Office has issued a number of policies, but is unclear if the policies are actually adhered to in subsidiaries or legal entities
  • You have immediate concerns, such as security, licensing, infrastructure, and others
  • You want to establish a forward-looking environment, such as becoming cloud-computing-ready
  • Your ICT expenditure seems high
  • You want to understand how your ICT landscape can be improved and better aligned with your business


A standard framework for topics such as a security audit or a licenses audit can be tailored to a company's individual need and serves as a great starting point to get better visibility on the actual status. One of our experienced consultants can furthermore take the corporate guideline and policy framework and work with the client on the actual auditing scope. A Fit/Gap analysis will render quick attention points for your action. The result of the audit will be provided as a report with an appendix outlining suggested and recommended actions from a strictly vendor-neutral standpoint.

  • Input review
  • Assessment of the current state (specific or holistic) and correlation between business and ICT culture
  • Fit/Gap Analysis
  • IT Governance Review and Competency-of-use review
  • Report compilation and presentation
  • Optional: Action Plan


Creating a current snapshot provides you with a baseline to plan all actions henceforth. Either an action plan can be agreed with the local/subsidiary IT department or an audit report issued to the CIO office. In both cases visibility on the actual status is markedly improved and further action can be planned more accurately, leading to

  • A fully compliant ICT landscape in the subsidiary or legal entity
  • An ICT platform from which future projects and improvements can be planned
  • A better understanding of the value contribution of ICT to your business success
  • Improved Security and licensing compliance
  • A necessary first step to a cost-effective and modern ICT Strategy

Furthermore, the ICT Audit will not only look into compliance with policies and regulations, internal as well as external. Hidden factors, such as business culture, expenditure history, business technology alignment, etc, play an important role and will be reviewed during our consultation.