ICT Strategy

Sometimes, business and IT act in a disconnected fashion. A valuable first step to bring them closer is by embarking on a combined Business and Information and Communication Technology strategy. Business is the chief engineer with ICT providing the civil engineering.


Your company is a user of IT as enabler/platform for its business processes as well as exchanging data with external parties. You have a clear vision of the future and the Corporate Strategy is plainly spelled out. However, your IT Management might be rather operational and project driven. Your business managers are unclear about the value contribution of your IT Environment. A clear roadmap was not put forward yet and you do not know if the IT foundation is sufficient to fulfill all business requirements for the coming years.


An IT Strategy development/review service will be highly beneficial. Before work starts, we will provide a complete statement of work (SOW) and a comprehensive project plan. The actual advisory starts with a review of your ICT operations and an assessment of the current state. After having discussed and understood your business goals over a 3 year horizon the next step is a fit/gap analysis of your ICT's capabilities. Once the delta is identified, a platform and architecture design will be created capable of delivering everything that is needed within the given time frame. Simultaneously, all requirements are turned into a budget on an annual basis and checked against the business objectives and industry-wide accepted benchmarks. Once all issues are solved and addressed, an action plan is created and the individual projects/tasks can begin.


With the before mentioned approach you will derive further benefits from

  • receiving a comprehensive ICT strategy in line with your business strategy, vision and mission
  • creating an annualized budget for the years to come in order to help maintain controlled spending of company resources
  • ensuring the envisaged agility by deploying a structured ICT environment (adaptive ICT) within your organization
  • gaining a better understanding of your ICT budget and budgeting process, helping to control costs for ICT while still maintaining the competitive ground