IT Solution Design

Problems never cease to crop up. New business environments bring about new situations. Solving those puzzles can bring about a critical competitive edge. Midsize and large organizations face a constant stream of challenges in connection with their top- ("how to drive sales") and bottom-line ("how to save on cost") leading to the same outcome: Improved profitability!


A new situation or opportunity arises:

  • You want to understand the impact of this on your current business
  • You have immediate concerns, such as the competition might leverage this against your position in the market
  • You want to establish a forward-looking environment, harnessing the benefits this may bring about
  • You need to be more effective in order to be able to compete healthily


The past has shown multiple ways on how analyzing one's position and processes, observing technology development and implementing change has helped being more successful in the market place. Where there is no simple solution, having experienced multiple cycles in Information Technology paired with best practices and best governance principle allows us at R&P to extrapolate possible impacts and devise promising solutions in an ever-changing environment.


There is a multitude of proverbs addressing the fact that there is an early movers' advantage. However, being first sometimes does not pay off. Having adopted a 'Fast Follower' mentality in principal has helped R&P generating tangible benefits for our clients through observing successful formulas. Measurable outcomes in projects adopting new technologies or new governance models has helped our clients reap tangible benefits.