Process Management Consulting

Mapping Business Processes on an existing ICT landscape is critical in business. It is key to adapt a process to what is potentially beneficial with the use of IT. What can win a deal is the seamless workflow interplay between business and IT! Harnessing the power of collaboration and communication in the rules-based world of business processes is a winning formula.


The business world aligns itself in business processes. A constant drive for improvement and automation is key in an ever changing environment. Your company has a business process map and may even employ process modelling tools. Still in corners of the business, such as subsidiaries and legal entities, even supporting processes on the fringe in HQ are not sufficiently documented or mapped out.


R&P carries years of expertise in manufacturing industries (discreet and process-based) as well as most other industries' back-end supporting function's processes (Finance, Human Resources, IT, QHSE). Modelling these with the help of our consultant can add value to the clients' process map. Furthermore, R&P can assist in implementing such processes in collaborative environments based on simple workflows or on powerful workflow engines.


Modelling processes at the core or far removed from the value chain saves actual money after they are documented and may be automated by using existing or new tools, reaping further benefits. We are proud to being able to discussing various success stories in this field with you in a discussion with no commitment from your side.