Project Management

Projects are a major part to the value contribution of any company's IT. Professional Project Management is a single key success factor and with the scarcity of in-house resources, a seasoned Project Manager from R&P can make the difference.


Projects are a substantial part of the work for any IT department these days. However, daily business is driven by operational challenges and the IT staff is usually occupied with keeping the lights on and, at best, supporting the innovation in-house. Whenever a new initiative requires a project approach you experience the difficulty of finding a Project Manager:

  • The ideally suited staff is occupied with other critical work
  • The person who has time to manage the project is not sufficiently trained or lacks the skills to manage a complex project
  • You simply have no one who can manage the project at this crucial moment


R&P is not only able to augment your staff for the period of your project duration but is also able to open up the horizon of your project team. Being used to looking beyond the project scope and bringing value-add to your learning operation, R&P is adding the experience of managing large scale projects. Our PMP-certified PMs employ industry-standard tools and bring in the experience of how important Change and Change Management is in any project.


Besides employing a professional Project Manager for a limited period of time your benefits include

  • providing the big picture to your team during and after the project
  • maintaining utmost quality while on the way to the goal
  • freeing up your staff to handle operationally important tasks in-house while not having to worry for the project success
  • training up your staff during the project itself and carrying over experience and expertise