Vendor Selection

Having a resilient RFP document is the first step for larger undertakings. In every case, including mid-sized initiatives, it is still important to reliably select the right Vendor. R&P has a proven track record on selecting Vendors for our clients that are not only cost-effective but also support the business long-term with their strategic fit.


You plan a major project, such as an ERP implementation, a larger-scale IT Infrastructure project, implementing a unified communication system or another major IT Initiative. You have prepared a technical specification document but are not sure if it is complete. You want a system that addresses the need but further fits into your overall business and ICT strategy. You may hold an RFP in hand that was developed together with R&P.


In each case a structured process to engage internal key staff and external vendors is the solution. Adding our experience in many similar projects will help us together distilling the right expectations, fitting criteria and a clear goal of the exercise. Once submissions are in, our consultant will review together with you and analyze thoroughly. Afterwards we go through several iterations with the short-listed vendors with you to finally extract the last 2 or 3 for you to decide.


Not only can you be assured of getting the ideal supplier for your need but we add our experience and sharpened expertise gained over the years. This expresses itself in the selection not only fitting the gap but also addressing your productivity improvement requirements as well as strategic goals and objectives stretching beyond the scope of the original initiative.