Digital Transformation Workshop

Everyone speaks about Digital Transformation. We help your company to actually do something about it and become a Digital Leader.

Our 2-day Digital Transformation workshop is designed for any company that is facing intensified competition, changing goalposts in its industry or even the upcoming of a digital disruptor in their playing field.

Company's curious about the potential of Digitalization and how it dramatically helps improving the competitive landscape, are willing to embark on the process of Digital Transformation to improve their outward facing communication, or simply want better and more efficient business processes must attend. This workshop is there to open the eyes of decision makers, understanding the terms and what they mean to them. Focusing on manufacturing and process oriented companies, the workshop is industry neutral as the moderated training will lead to the identification of at least 2 actionable ideas that you can follow through. After you have attended the workshop, you will understand that the realization of these ideas is not costly, as you will be able to apply the newly-understood terms multidisciplinary teams, agile development, and Minimum Viable Product.

Apart from explaining the topic and discussing different models and approaches, the participants will gather own ideas through brainstorming and learn about best practices as well as a number of existing cases. They will get to know the necessary tools to drive the digital agenda. Be inspired by best practices and learn to avoid pitfalls. Eventually, an action plan will be created outlining next steps and key performance indicators identified. Steps to institutionalize the digitization strategy will be outlined. And on top of that, a special segment on machine learning will open your eyes, how easy deploying deep learning actually is!

The workshop will be conducted by Reppel & Partners Pte Ltd. We have not only extensive theoretical know-how in the wide field of Digital Transformation, but have performed actual projects with measurable results and satisfied clients!

Participants Profile

Senior Executives, Team Leaders, Managers, and Internal Innovators. For this workshop to be successful the participants should comprise of members of the Senior Management, Head of Departments, as well as employees who have innovative ideas or are known as Innovators. Digital Transformation requires Senior executives to adjust the way they lead the organization.


  • Learn from a Practitioner!
  • Understand Digitalization and Digital Transformation
  • Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Learn to identify where Digitization has the biggest impact in your organization (new processes, new teams, shorter project time, faster allocation of resources)
  • Be able to create your own digitized processes, improve your customer engagement and reduce the thread of digital disruption
  • Learn about the importance of an innovation culture
  • Learn about the 3 areas of digitization
  • Learn about the 4 main innovation approaches
  • Learn about the need for agile techniques, multi-disciplinary teams and change management
  • Learn to assess the digital maturity of the organization
  • Learn about technologies employed and understand their importance
  • Identify knowledge and cultural gaps stopping you from realizing your full digital potential


Duration: A minimum of 2 business days (maximum of 12 participants of your company)

Date: On Demand

Time: 9am to 6pm

Venue: Your office, our training facilities or any conducive area for innovation

Lecturer: Mr. Frank Reppel, Managing Partner Reppel & Partners Pte Ltd


Part I: Learning Journey (Disruption, Company Culture, Digitization, Innovation, Approaches, Change Management, Technology Drive)

Part II: Creative Journey (Ideas - Plan - Decision - Action)

Methodology: Lecture, Case study sharing, Brainstorming, Blue Ocean Strategy Deployment, Discussion

Fee: $3,000.00/day (excl. GST)*

"We conducted a briefing on Digital Transformation in February 2017. It was an eye-opener for our participants with more than 80% of them rating the content as very or extremely relevant. Very high marks were awarded for the engaging presentation by or speaker Mr. Reppel." Anja Scheidweiler, Director, Reppel & Partners Pte Ltd.

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* Fee quoted is for event held at customers premises. Any other location could incur extra cost.