Education Consulting

Educational institutions can face several challenges when optimizing their business operations. A lack of retained institutional knowledge about business processes typically causes organizational inefficiencies, unmanaged data handover, and miscommunication with stakeholders (such as parents and guardians). In many cases, policies related to data governance and SIS (School Information Systems) are non-existent or require updates to be effective.

Several factors must be taken into consideration for a K-12 school to be successful, particularly the environment in which business excellence is not driven by the same indicators as in traditional companies. This does not mean that educational institutions do not require a clear set of data governance standards though; in fact Reppel & Partners has found that by assessing 3 specific areas an educational institution can significantly improve its data governance policies and reduce inefficiencies.

Having worked with schools, including the world’s largest single-campus international school, R&P has gained extensive knowledge about what works best and what does not when dealing with the following concepts:

  • IT Systems Procurement Framework
  • Business Process documentation and improvement
  • IT Strategy, Roadmap and Data Governance

Generic ideas and an excerpt of our best practises guide can be found here.